The responsibilities of schools

School transport services are a free service for children in Akershus who live far from their school or have special needs

The following can be granted school transport:

      • pupils who live at least 2 km from their school
      • up to 10th grade pupils who live at least 4 km from their school
      • Upper secondary school pupils who live at least 6 km from their school
      • Pupils whose route to school is defined as particularly hazardous by the municipality the pupil lives in
      • Children with special needs

Applications for school transport must be submitted by schools. Permanent changes during the school year, e.g. new school start and finish times and new home addresses, must also be submitted by the school.

School transport services are provided by Ruter on behalf of the municipality or county authority.

Applications for pupils must be submitted via our application portals. Schools have their own user profile, which the person responsible for applications uses to log in.

Skoleweb – applications for a special transport by minibus/taxi
Bussportalen – applications for ordinary transport by normal bus, travel cards with school ticket

Use the school’s username and password to log into the application portals. If you are unsure about how the application process functions, you will find supplementary user instructions after you have logged in.