About us

Skoleskyss.no is operated by Ruter

We coordinate, plan and organise passenger transport in the public sector and are responsible for operating school transport services, as well as producing travel cards with school tickets for pupils in Akershus. School transport services are operated under contract to the municipality or county authority.

We are responsible organising the actual school transport by minibus or taxi for all pupils travelling to and from school. We plan and coordinate the pickup and transport of 4,500 pupils to schools in our area every day.  

Contact us

Tel.: 24 20 20 33
Weekdays: 07:00-17:30

Who is responsible for what?

A successful school transport service requires six parties to work together. The responsibilities are divided up as follows:


Responsible for school transport services for pupils in primary and secondary schools in the county.


Makes decisions regarding school transportation, as well as plans and organizes school transport on behalf of the county municipality, coordinating it with the regular public transportation services.


Apply for school transportation for students attending the schools in the municipality, if the responsibility for this lies with the municipality in question.


Apply for school transportation for students at the school, if the responsibility for this has been delegated to the school by the relevant municipality.

Report any changes in transportation needs (only applies to changes in dropoff and pickup times).



Report changes in transportation needs (applies only to addresses).

Cancel/rebook approved transportation.