Requirements for drivers

Parents and guardians should know that we are carrying their children safely and appropriately. School transport services are designed to simplify the lives of parents and guardians and ease their minds  

Children should: 

      • have a positive experience with us
      • be driven safely
      • our drivers must have both expertise and experience in driving children with special needs

Our drivers must be considerate and service-minded in relation to our:

      • users
      • parents and guardians
      • school staff

If necessary, drivers must assist with boarding and disembarking. Drivers must also be capable of making quick decisions and improvising solutions that are best for users in the event of special situations arising. It is important that children and baggage are well secured on board.


      • Sociable and pleasant
      • Good memory for remembering children’s names
      • Service minded
      • Ability to be both fun and firm, tolerant and inclusive
      • Communicate well with children
      • Be a friend to those on board
      • Always punctual
      • Instil confidence
      • Think of yourself as a driver providing care