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What is a pupil code and where do I find it?

A pupil code is a unique code for each pupil and is used to link the pupil to one or more users of the RuterBestilling app. You will receive your pupil code in a text message (SMS).

The contact centre can send the pupil code to a mobile number registered to the pupil’s contact person.

When does the pupil need to be ready?

Scheduled pickup times are stated as a 10-minute window. The pupil must be ready at the start of the 10-minute pickup window. Remember that parents and guardians/pupils can always check scheduled pickup times in RuterBestilling. Otherwise, parents and guardians/pupils can be notified of pickup times by text message. Notifications must be set up in the RuterBestilling app.

Can we be sure the pupil will get to school on time?

We plan routes for everyone given access to school transport services before a new term starts. Pickup times may vary in the first couple of weeks after the holidays, but we guarantee that all pupils will get to school on time. Remember, the easier it is to see house numbers the easier it is drivers to find new addresses.

What happens if the pupil does not show up in the morning?

All journeys can be cancelled in the RuterBestilling app or via the  contact form. Remember to cancel well in advance. Failure to notify us may cause delays for other passengers. If the pupil does not show up for the agreed pickup in the morning, their return trip from school to home is automatically cancelled. If you still want to make the return trip from school, you must reactivate it in RuterBestilling.

Can I give messages to drivers?

Relevant messages for drivers regarding transport must be sent via our contact centre.

Can pupils bring skis, bikes or sledges?

For the sake of safety and space, drivers cannot carry sports equipment.

Can pupils bring friends home?

Pupils with access to school transport services can be accompanied by friends or siblings, although this depends on there being space available and the friends/siblings having valid Ruter tickets (school ticket or ticket purchased in the Ruter app or on board).

Do drivers driver tell children how to act on board?

Yes, in the same way that pupils are reminded of the importance of putting their seat belt on, they will now also receive verbal information about the importance of complying with social distancing rules.


How do I cancel transport?

Parents and guardians/pupils can easily cancel transport in the RuterBestilling app. We encourage parents and guardians/pupils to cancel journeys in the app themselves and not go through the school. Failure to notify us of cancellations results in wasted journeys that may lead to delays for other passengers.

Can I cancel a cancellation?

If you want to reverse a cancellation, you must reactivate the journey by 12:00 the day before. This is important because we need time to plan for enough capacity for our passengers. In these circumstances we cannot guarantee that you will have the same driver as the one previously assigned.


How do I submit an application?

Schools are responsible for submitting applications. They have their own user account for our application portals, which can be found on skoleskyss.no.

Use the school’s username and password to log into the application portals. If you are unsure about how the application process functions, you will find supplementary user instructions after you have logged in.

What is the status of applications?

Schools can easily monitor the status of applications for relevant pupils by logging into the application portals before looking up the desired pupils.

In Skoleweb, this is done using self-defined reports, which includes a report for applications by school.

In Bussportalen, you will find applications and statuses under the “Søknader” [Applications] tab.

The status “Godkjent/transport innvilget” [Approved/transport approved] means that Ruter has reached a decision about a case and that the transport will be organised.

The customer must contact Ruter to follow-up applications further.

Ruter can be reached on: 22 05 70 70


Where do I find the RuterBestilling app?

The app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. Remember to update the app regularly to ensure you have access to the latest information.

How does the app work?
The app provides an overview of all journeys for a pupil code. You can also cancel journeys directly in the app. Adding more pupil codes via the app’s settings will also provide you with an overview of more pupils’ journeys. How to use RuterBestilling?
Problems downloading the app?

Try deleting the app and downloading it again – hopefully, this will sort out the problem. If it does not, contact us via our contact form and we will help you.

The link below takes you to user instructions on how to download/use RuterBestilling


What is it?

Some pupils can use flexible transport, which means that they can, at short notice, tell us they need to travel at different times to the scheduled ones due to acute illness. For example, if the pupil feels unwell or fatigued on a school day.

Flexible transport requires a medical certificate. The service only applies to transport that day and enquiries will only be handled over the telephone.


How do school transport services work in relation to Covid-19?

We take infection control seriously and comply with the authorities’ infection control recommendations. If the authorities’ recommendations change, we will send out appropriate notifications and information about the measures we will be implementing.

How often are buses and taxis cleaned?

Drivers regularly disinfect handles, armrests, seat belts, and other contact surfaces using an approved disinfectant. Buses and taxis are also cleaned on a daily basis.

Will hand sanitiser be available on board buses and in taxis?

Yes, alcohol-based hand sanitiser is always available on board and can be used as needed. However, because drivers will stay the recommended distance away from pupils during boarding and disembarking, spraying pupils’ hands is difficult. Therefore, we encourage parents and guardians to equip children their own hand sanitiser and encourage them to use it.