Service Message
PUBLISHED 08/19/2021

Ruter has received instructions from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration that the use of a locking cup is not legal. Seat belts used must be approved and must be able to be released with one hand by the user themselves. This is due to the need for evacuation in the event of a fire, for example.

The use of a locking cup is thus to be regarded as an illegal modification of the seat belt. We are aware that this rule change can lead to undesirable situations in that children, for example, can get up and stand while the vehicle is moving.

We have had a dialogue with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and applied for an exemption from the rule, but we have received an answer that they have no authority to approve a locking cup or its use.

The consequence is that in the future we will not be able to use a locking cup. For the students affected by this change, the solution will be that bring an attendant so that we can continue to ensure the safety of both the student in question and other fellow passengers. We therefore ask that you consider the need for providing an attendant for the students in question.